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Bevin, Beshears must call a truce

We don’t expect politicians from opposing political parties to get along, much less work together these days. What we should still demand is that they don’t conduct their squabbles on our dime.

Since Gov. Matt Bevin and Attorney General Andy Beshear took office, there has been a nonstop, triangular battle between the current governor, the attorney general and his father, former Gov. Steve Beshear.

We’d like to see a cease fire.

Gov. Bevin’s bold moves of doing away with the Board of Trustees at the University of Louisville and shaking up the current Retirement Board have been countered by the attorney general’s office in court.

At the same time, Beshear the elder has squared off with Bevin on his revamp of Medicaid. Former First Lady Jane Beshear has also conspicuously been removed from both the Kentucky Horse Park Commission (Bevin administration’s call) and the name of the Capitol Education Center (Bevin calls bull on even asking whether he was responsible).

Now the Bevin administration has put a law firm under contract at a reported price tag of $500,000 in public money over the next two years to assist with investigating his predecessor.

While some of Bevin’s moves appear drastic, if not unprecedented, we will postpone judgment on the merits or legal grounds for another day. We will also withhold drawing conclusions from Beshear’s early court victory.

What we are certain of is the real issues involved are ones we need our leaders to work hard on solving.

Medicaid expansion has provided health care for thousands of uninsured Kentucky residents, but a bill for that in the hundreds of millions is looming once federal subsidies recede. The abolishment of the current UofL board raises some troubling legal questions, as outlined by Judge Phillip Shepherd, but there is no doubt that some change likely needed to be made.

These are open for debate, and possibly even legal interpretation. But the onslaught of rancor and seemingly petty posturing is not leading us toward answers. It is costing taxpayer money and intensifying the already harsh light we too often cast in.

It would behoove everyone involved to concentrate more on who they are working for, rather than who they are fighting against.

— The State Journal, Frankfort

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