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Bevin wins easily here, but Beshear captures statewide race for Guv

Democrats outnumber Republicans in every precinct in Letcher County, but Republican candidates won every race in nearly every precinct here on Tuesday.

Not so statewide, but close.

Republican took every prize except the top one. Unofficial returns Tuesday night show Attorney General Andy Beshear, a Democrat, besting Gov. Matt Bevin by about 5,000 votes out of more than 1.4 million cast, less than one percentage point.

Bevin, a Republican who earlier this year was named the most hated governor in America, lost in just nine precincts in Letcher County, finishing the night with 52.7 percent of the vote. Beshear received 44.8 percent, while Libertarian candidate John Hicks got 2.3 percent. There was one write-in.

Still, Beshear won more votes in Letcher County than any other Democrat, and Bevin won less than any other Republican. Allison the Republican candidate for State Treasurer, the Republican’s top votegetter in Letcher County, received 3,753 votes to Democrat Michael Bowman’s 1,881. Her total was 664 more than Bevin.

In 2015, Bevin won 57 percent of the vote in Letcher County to Jack Conway’s 43 percent. Beshear performed nearly two points better than Conway, and Bevin underperformed by nearly 5 points. Part of the difference in Bevin’s margin may have been the presence of a third-party candidate for whom that voters who did not like Bevin could cast a protest vote, rather than vote for the Democrat.

Turnout here was low, but still much better than in 2015 when only about 28 percent of voters turned out. An estimated 35.6 percent turned out.

Races and results in Letcher County were:

Matt Bevin (R) – 3,089
Andy Beshear (D) – 2,626
John Hicks (I) – 139
Write In – 1

Secretary of State
Michael G. Adams (R) – 3,460
Heather French Henry (D) – 2,256

Attorney General
Daniel Cameron (R) – 3,381
Greg Stumbo (D) – 2,364

Auditor of Public Accounts
Mike Harmon (R) – 3,458
Sheri Donahue (D) – 1,918
Kyle Hugenberg (I) – 155

State Treasurer
Allison Ball (R) – 3,753
Michael Bowman (D) – 1,881

Commissioner of Agriculture
Ryan F. Quarles (R) – 3,495
Robert Haley Conway (D) – 2,011
Josh Gilpin (I) – 150

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