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Beware of new rules proposals

Struttin’ Time:

We need to watch, be careful, and watch some more.

Just like with our last Kentucky Department of Wildlife commissioner, Jonathan Gassett, if we let the fox watch the henhouse it won’t be long until we have no hens. We fell asleep and let one former fish and wildlife commissioner serve 20-plus years on a two-year term.

The commission is at it again.

A meeting was called in Frankfort for the commissioners on January 6 at 8:30 in the morning to change rules on elk hunting. It was the worst day of winter, but they didn’t called off the meeting or delay it. I tried to attend, but the roads were just too bad. They want to make changes that have no rhyme or reason. I have tried to find out the results, but haven’t found anything yet.

One change they want is that if you suspect you have wounded an elk, but can’t find it your hunt is over. We are not hunting on a game reserve; we are fair chase hunting in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. On a game reserve, if you find blood after you shoot at an animal but can’t find it, you are still charged for the hunt and your hunt is over, animal or not.

I would say that in hunting that has happened to you and me more times than not. I have seen signs of blood many times from shooting a deer or turkey, but never found my game. Have you?

A point restriction is also being talked about. We are not Pennsylvania, nor Texas. Last I checked, we already had one of each. We are the Commonwealth of Kentucky and we don’t need either of those other states showing us how it is done.

In Texas they charge by the inch. Is that the goal of our commission? If those new rules have already passed, we need to contact our elected officials to stop them. Nothing is official until they vote on them.

Have we not learned anything by sleeping while Rome burned? I hope we have. I will keep you updated.

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