The Mountain Eagle
Whitesburg KY

Beware of scam

Letcher County residents are among those in at least 15 Kentucky counties and around the country who are being targeted by a new telephone scam claiming that a person’s Social Security number has been “suspended.”

Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear warned residents not to give any personal information to any caller. Scam artists can spoof telephone numbers, and spoofed the real Social Security customer service number during a scam that was discovered last fall.

The callers now are telling people that their Social Security number has been suspended and are demanding personal information. They threaten to have the person arrested if they do not cooperate. In reality, the Social Security Administration does not suspend Social Security numbers, and does not call people to threaten arrest or demand payment.

Beshear’s office recommends that residents hang up on anyone who calls and asks for their Social Security number, address, bank account, or other personal information. Authorities say the scammers are using the information to file fake tax returns and claim refunds to which they are not entitled.

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