Whitesburg KY

Bible school in full swing

Bach Court

It’s Vacation Bible School time at the Whitesburg First Baptist Church, where Colossal Coaster World is the theme. We’ve been having a great time.

Each night there are more and more kids showing up — and adults. The first night we had a snack of hot ham and cheese, veggies and dip. On Monday we had cheeseburgers and fries. Laura Whitaker is really the best cook ever, and of course she has helpers — Tiny Caudill, Mike Harris, Ernie Brown, J.W. Combs and Lee Combs.

On Tuesday night corndogs were served. On Wednesday night we will have barbeque ribs sandwiches. On Thursday night the menu is hot dogs with chili, baked potatoes and baked beans.

So we are just having a swell time. Of course Jonathon and Regan Berry are having a great time each evening getting everything started. If anyone needs a ride you can call the church at 633-2277, and someone will try and see that you get there. I’m hoping each night there are more and more there. Can’t wait to see you.

Danny Ray Ison is in Letcher Manor Nursing Home in the rehab section. Keep him in your prayers.

Thomas Roark of Kingscreek passed away a couple of weeks ago. He’ll be missed.

Happy birthday to Jackson Cornett, whose birthday was on June 9. Hope you had a great birthday.

Thelma Brown had a birthday party at the Back Court gazebo last Sunday. She had her kids and grandchildren there having a good time. I waved at her and them on my way to Vacation Bible School. Thelma’s birthday was June 9 also.

Happy birthday to John Steven Cornett and Wyatt Ison.

Wendy Ison Lucas and Jake Lucas were married on June 9.

Until next week, God bless you all.

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