Whitesburg KY

Bible trivia


1. Is the book of Acts in the Old or New Testament or neither? 2. Who honored a man by letting him ride the royal steed through city streets? Silas, Hosea, Ahasuerus, Asa 3. From Job 4, who was so frightened by a dream that his hair stood on end? James, Eliphaz, Noah, Cain 4. Pharaoh gave what burnt city to his daughter for a gift? Cana, Gezer, Joppa, Bethel 5. From Acts 9, what dressmaker was restored to life by Peter’s prayers? Dorcas, Leah, Jezebel, Miriam 6. Where did Gideon meet an angel? Prison, Field, Oak tree, Well ANSWERS: 1) New; 2) Ahasuerus; 3) Eliphaz; 4) Gezer; 5) Dorcas; 6) Oak tree Comments? More Trivia? Visit www.TriviaGuy.com

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