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Mostly clear

Bible trivia


1. Is the book of Samaria
in the Old or New Testament
or neither?
2. When he had a vision,
who said, “Not so, Lord;
for I have never eaten any
thing that is common or
unclean”? Adam, Reuben,
Samson, Peter
3. From Acts 7, who was
the first person martyred
for his belief in Jesus Christ?
Apollos, John the Baptist,
Jehu, Stephen
4. What is the fourth
book of the Old Testament
(KJV)? Deuteronomy, Numbers, Leviticus, Joshua
5. Besides Jonah, what
other prophet ministered
in Nineveh? Nathan, Paul,
Nahum, Philip
6. From 1 Kings 11, what
was the number of wives
of King Solomon? 3, 50,
100, 700
ANSWERS: 1) Neither; 2)
Peter; 3) Stephen; 4) Numbers; 5) Nahum; 5) 700
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