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Bible trivia

1. Is the book of Damascus in the Old or New Testament or neither?

2. From 2 Samuel 14, who was the best-looking man in Israel during King David’s reign? Joel, Samuel, David, Absalom

3. To whom did Naaman the Syrian ask forgiveness after worshipping the god Rimmon? Saul, Christ, Elisha, Darius

4. From John 3, who was a Pharisee and ruler among the Jews? Zacchaeus, Nicodemus, Judas, Peter

5. Who was known as the “Supplanter”? Aaron, Moses, Jacob, Hosea

6. What was the name of David’s first wife? Rachel, Priscilla, Michal, Ruth

ANSWERS: 1) Neither; 2) Absalom; 3) Elisha; 4) Nicodemus; 5) Jacob; 6) Michal (c) 2018 King Features

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