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Bible trivia

1. Is the book of Simon in the Old or New Testament or neither?

2. From Exodus 1, what were the people of Israel forced to make? Blankets, Boats, Baskets, Bricks

3. What book foretold that none of Christ’s bones would be broken? Micah, Isaiah, Psalms, Exodus

4. Who was the deceptive future father-in-law of Jacob? Masa, Laban, Jehoram, Rehu

5. What did Shamgar use to kill 600 Philistines? Sword, Stones, Mina, Oxgoad

6. Who wrote Revelation, the last book of the Bible? Jesus, Mark, John, Peter

ANSWERS: 1) Neither; 2) Bricks; 3) Psalms; 4) Laban; 5) Oxgoad; 6) John

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