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Bible trivia

1. Is the book of Hosea in the Old or New Testament or neither?

2. How many Old Testament (KJV) books are named for a woman? There are none in the New Testament. 0, 1, 2, 3

3. From Judges 16, what had Samson been to God from his mother’s womb? Nazarite, Philistine, Reubenite, Protestant

4. In Exodus 4, who had a staff or rod that turned into a snake? Noah, Aaron, Adam, Moses

5. What biblical name means “peace”? Salome, Jacob, Abraham, Adam

6. Of these, who died on Mount Hor? Paul, Noah, Aaron, Solomon

ANSWERS: 1) Old; 2) 2 (Ruth and Esther); 3) Nazarite; 4) Moses; 5) Salome; 6) Aaron

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