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Bible trivia

1. Is the book of Ezra in the Old or New Testament or neither?

2. From Proverbs 29, “But whoso putteth his trust in the Lord shall be …”? Made whole, Blessed, Safe, Wise

3. What’s known as the first book of the kings? Judges, 1 Kings, 1 Samuel, 1 Chronicles

4. Upon which mountain did Balaam build seven altars? Olives, Sinai, Pisgah, Carmel

5. What does God want us to keep as the apple of our eye? His law, Brotherly love, Faithfulness, Righteousness

6. What did David do to Goliath once he slew him? Stole his armor, Robbed him, Cut off his head, Buried him

ANSWERS: 1) Old; 2) Safe; 3) 1 Samuel; 4) Pisgah; 5) His law; 6) Cut off his head (Goliath’s)

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