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Bible trivia

1. Is the book of 1 Peter in the Old or New Testament or neither?

2. From Matthew 13, what baking item did Jesus compare to the kingdom of heaven? Eggs, Milk, Salt, Yeast

3. In Genesis 6:3, how many years did God set as mankind’s age limit? 120, 490, 612, 969

4. Where does one go to find balm, according to Jeremiah? Corinth, Joppa, Derbe, Gilead

5. Which of these women wore a nose ring? Esther, Mary Magdalene, Rebekah, Martha

6. Who tested the will of the Lord with a fleece? Jehu, Gideon, Amos, Ahaziah

ANSWERS: 1) New; 2) Yeast; 3) 120; 4) Gilead; 5) Rebekah (Gen 24:47); 6) Gideon

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