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Bible trivia

1. Is the book of 2 Peter in Old or New Testament or neither?

2. From Matthew 4, how many days and nights did Jesus fast before his temptation by Satan? 3, 12, 40, 7×70

3. In Genesis 24, who played the matchmaker for Isaac and Rebekah? Nahor, A shepherd, Bethuel, Abraham’s servant

4. From Proverbs 6, what is held up as an example to the lazy man? Bee, Flea, Locust, Ant

5. Who said, “The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away”? Satan, Adam, Job, Haman

6. Who/ what was Shishak? Roast lamb, Birthplace of Moses, Serpent, King of Egypt

ANSWERS: 1) New; 2) 40; 3) Abraham’s servant; 4) Ant; 5) Job 1:21; 6) King of Egypt

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