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Bible trivia

1. In Luke 21, what shall they see the Son of man coming in “with power and great glory”? Chariot, Cloud, Whirlwind, Burning bush

2. Who distributed to everyone a loaf of bread, a piece of meat and a cake of raisins? Solomon, Paul, Timothy, David

3. From Exodus 4, who did the Lord provide to Moses to be his mouthpiece? Abraham, Aaron, Noah, Mahalalel

4. To whom did the word of the Lord say, “Arise, go to Nineveh, that great city”? Jonah, Samuel, James, Peter

ANSWERS: 1) Cloud; 2) David; 3) Aaron; 4) Jonah

Wilson Casey’s “Bedlam on the W. Virginia Rails,” a firsthand true account of America’s last moving train robber, is available from HistoryPress.net.

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