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Big antique show set May 10


I forgot to mention last week that while we were in northern Kentucky we also drove around to get a look at the Kentucky Speedway racetrack. Of course the whole area was abandoned, and we just took our time to tour the area.

Homer Smith has decided he will take care of the upkeep of the Nancy Back and Smith cemeteries above the Dixon Memorial Church. He has a worker lined up and those whose loved ones are laid to rest there can send donations for upkeep to: Homer Smith, 218 Sycamore Loop, Jeremiah, KY 41826.

Lee and Wilma Pridemore went to Georgetown to visit their grandson, Justin, Mallory and the boys Weston and Abram, and enjoyed seeing them all and visiting.

So glad to hear that Stephanie’s husband, Darryl Boggs, is doing better. Darryl is one of those ‘fellers’ who moved into the area when he married Stephanie and just fit in with everyone from the ‘get-go,’ helping out in the Blair Branch and surrounding communities and a friend to so many.

Ila Adams has been in the hospital for a few days last week. The doctors think she has a bout of pneumonia, and she was feeling better and not coughing as much last Friday.

This past Saturday and Sunday was the Union Meeting at Mount Olivet Church at Blackey.

We had a good service on Saturday evening, but Sunday went to Indiana to the Chester Hogg Memorial Church instead. It was their memorial meeting of deceased members, and Bob and I hadn’t been to that church for three years. Everyone was glad to see us — Elwood and Kathy Cornett, Bob and myself — and made us feel so welcome.

Afterward we stayed for dinner before heading home. It was a beautiful day to travel.

So good to sit beside Patsy Parks. We miss her and Guy at Blair Branch. They were such good members and friends for many years, but sometimes people have to move away and they are such a help to their church there now.

Met a nice fellow, Bob Ison, who sat beside me at dinner. He was married to Martha Lee Ison before her death, and was a former Linefork resident.

Hope all mothers have a happy Mother’s Day this Sunday.

An antique show will be held May 10 at the old Calvary College Gymnasium from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Gwen Rollins of Gwen’s County Attic is having it and has booths rented to other dealers. Should be a lot of good old ‘stuff,’ food and refreshments. I’ve been working on some items for my space, and hope to see you there.

I was happy to see Eagle correspondent Rose Ballard, who dropped by my shop Saturday. Sorry that her brother, Jerry Hall, died.

Noah Campbell got a surprise when he went to check on his Pa Jerry’s goats. He found two little baby goats had been born. He got to name them since his cousin, Sadie, had named the other two that were born a few weeks ago.

Our shops down Highway 7 South appreciate Tim Breeding for helping us put some signs up. He made it a much quicker job than we could have done by ourselves.

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