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Mostly sunny

Big bear visits Ermine Center

The Ermine Senior Citizens had some excitement last week as we had a bear to visit our garbage bin. Also, Mama Bear was seen there later that evening.

I missed seeing them. Lennon Hammock said it was a good thing as I would have scared them to death anyway.

Our worker, Mark Napier, was delivering dinners and found a billfold with $500 in it. He gave it to our site manager, Debbie Slone, who turned it in to the Sheriff’s Department, and it was returned to the owner, who said it had been lost for a month.

Mark, we at our center are very proud of you, and I know the owner of the wallet is too.

Our Sheriff Danny Webb’s mother, Pauline, is in Pikeville Hospital. She had a pacemaker put in, and then had a minor stroke.

I went last weekend with Charles and Ruth Caudill to the hospital to see her. She was eating her dinner and was doing better.

She was supposed to get to come home this past Monday.

I hope to talk to you all next week. Come and visit us soon.

God bless until next time.

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