Whitesburg KY

Big Cowan

Moon creates excitement

Well, what wonderful weather we are having. My granddaughters have been excited over the moon these past few nights, having the big circle around the moon. They took photos and sent them to my phone. It was beautiful.

Guy Stewart is home from the hospital. He still needs our prayers. He has Hospice coming in.

Anna Lou Maggard Combs was taken to Lexington. She is doing some better, but still needs our prayers.

My cousin Lou Anna is in really bad health and still needs our prayers. She is the daughter of the late Leva and Robert Fields. My Uncle Isom went to see her last week. She was doing some better but was really weak. Then she got bad again and they called the family in. We pray that the Lord heals her if it is His will.

Eddie and Kathy Wolfe have both been sick with colds.

Lil’ Marty was glad school was out a few days last week so he could go sledding. The snow was very pretty. I would have liked to see a little at Christmas, but didn’t want it to stay too long either.

Frank Sturgill has been in the hospital. He is doing better, but still has a way to go. Keep him in your prayers also .

We pray the spouses, Lorraine Stewart and Carolyn Sturgill, will have the strength to endure. When a person is sick it affects their spouse, and they need the extra prayer to help them get through each day with patience and understanding.

Also, pray for Melanie Combs for the Lord to give her strength. She has been taking care of her mother, Anna Lou.

When a loved one is sick you try to do everything you can for them, wanting them to have the best care and trying your best to be patient with them even though it is hard at times. Sometimes you just need the extra strength to go on, but with God’s help you can.

He will see you through any situation and once you’ve done your best there is no reason to have regrets or feel guilty about anything, because you know you’ve done everything you can.

So many people are sick and need our prayers right now.

Audrey Hammonds is doing better. Charles Hammonds is still having it rough. Bill and Agnes Maggard are doing some better.

We are in need of two 100-pound propane tanks. We installed a new gas heater and Mike’s Bottled Gas is out of tanks and won’t be getting any until February. We can’t afford to buy new ones and have them filled at this time.

I guess with all the heating assistance programs it makes it hard for anyone else to get gas. We have the hardest time getting anything done here in Letcher County.

You try to go from electric heat to gas because it is supposed to be cheaper, then you can’t even get tanks. I am sorry to complain, but when some people are getting five and six tanks and we can’t even get two, and we are not on any assistance of any kind, I get a little upset. Well, enough of that.

Enough for this week. Maybe next time I’ll have a little more. Thanks for reading. I love all of you.

Be good to one another and yourself. Pray for everyone, and attend the church of your choice.

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