Whitesburg KY
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Mostly clear

Big Cowan

Keep Bug Yonts in prayer. He was to have more surgery done. Pray for a quick recovery.

While in Indiana I saw my former pastor, Eston Poling. He is retired now, but works on sewing machines in his spare time, and still loves and serves the Lord.

He was telling me that the pastor they have now, he had taught as a young boy, not knowing that he as teaching him to be his pastor one day.

Also talked about how much he loves Mike and how much he liked Mike for helping him around the church when needed.

He loved the spirit my mom had and her love for God and my husband James, who was a song leader.

I thank all my former pastors and present pastor and their wives for all the spiritual guidance over the years, plus my mother had a big influence in my life. She was very God-fearing and really loved Him with all her heart.

My brother, Archie Fields, is doing pretty well. We still have not made it to Golden Corral yet. Hopefully soon. Wish they had one closer.

We had a wonderful service at King’s Chapel Church on Sunday morning. The message was ‘All Alone in a Room Full of People’ and then another great service on Sunday night.

Well folks, I’ve got to go. May God bless until next time. Have a good week.

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