Whitesburg KY

Big crowd attended sunrise service at Blackey church


I hope all had a nice Easter weekend and spent it with those they love and in remembrance of the true meaning of the day.

There was a big crowd attending Mt. Olivet Church at Blackey on Easter Sunday, and many cute little children were there.

About 40 people attended the sunrise service at Burton Hill. Those who were there appreciate Richard Hampton and Allen Meyers for conducting the service. Since last year, Donald ‘Rags’ Raglin and Mary Lou Combs had been laid to rest in the cemetery. We saw Mary Lou’s daughters, Francine and Donna, along with Adam, Teresa and Sierra Bentley, decorating the graves on Saturday.

Elijah Raglin is still wearing a cast on his leg because of a broken bone. We saw him and Jeffrey at the Lexington Clinic recently, and hopefully his foot is getting better.

Homer Smith will be in charge of taking donations on the upkeep of the Nancy Back and Smith Cemeteries above Dixon Memorial Church. If you have loved ones buried there, please send your donation to him at: 218 Sycamore Loop, Jeremiah, KY 41826.

Rodney and Geraldine Ison had some of their family visiting over the weekend.

Rob and Betty Campbell had a lot of their family with them on Sunday, and most of our family got together for Easter dinner on Sunday.

It was good to see ‘Hoot’ Danny Campbell out to Blackey Church on Sunday. He and his mom Ina were together.

Bob stopped in Sunday to visit with Dorse and Gwen Fields to talk ‘U.K. championship’ talk. Bob’s worried about the blackbirds being extinct since Dorse has been trying to shoot them with a B.B. gun.

Bob also stopped in at Bill and Joyce Adams’s to visit and said that Bill wasn’t feeling too well.

We’re sorry for those who had damage from last week’s sudden flooding on Little Colley and Sandlick. It truly was a mess to look at and I’m sure to clean up also.

Belated birthday wishes to Oakie Blair, Estill Blair and Arizona Adams, and happy birthday wishes this week to Hunter Banks, Sue Goodson and Cheryl Bradley.

Kay Hampton McPherson’s funeral was held last week. Kay grew up on Doty Creek, but lived in Ohio at her death. Many family and friends came out to pay their final respects and to comfort her family during their loss. Many Doty Creek residents attended.

We talked with Margaret Sue Nichols at the service. She was a friend to Kay and all of us when we were teenagers. She listened to our problems, fed us, and tried to keep us on the right track by being a little more tolerant to our teenage craziness than our parents were, and that’s how we all should try to be.

‘Reckon’ this cold snap could be dogwood winter a little earlier than usual?

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