Whitesburg KY

Big crowd enjoys church campout

Little Dry Fork

Well, this week has been pretty good. The races weren’t as good as they normally are but they were okay. From what I hear they are going to be really good next week.

The Kings Creek Community Church had a church campout on the Rondal Meade farm. It was fun. They had games, food and drinks. There was a big crowd.

Congratulations to Letta Halcomb. She had her baby on July 5.

Happy anniversary to my brother and sister in-law, Danny and Lacey Ison on July 23.

I’m ready for a vacation but who can go anywhere with these gas prices?

That’s about all that I have for this week. If you would like for me to put something in the Little Dry Fork news just email me wendy-ison16@yahoo.com or wendy-ison- usarmy13@yahoo.com or call 821-6397 after 8p.m.

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