Whitesburg KY

Big crowd gathers at First Baptist Church for their Angel Food


Hello, everyone, hope you are all doing well. We have gone into a new month. Seems like June just flew by. We have sure been getting lots of rain. It’s been good for the gardens and the weeds also have been growing well.

It was good talking to my friend, Anna Watkins of Florida. She had a birthday on June 30. Late happy birthday, Anna. She’s been such a good friend for over 50 years. We can’t believe we still miss each other, but we do! We do keep up with each other. I still like looking people in the eye when I talk.

I also checked on my cousins, Kern and Ruby Howard of Fort Wayne, Ind. They are both having health problems. Dexter and Brenda Howard were visiting them. Hello, Deck and Brenda. We all love you too and wish you didn’t live so far away.

There are sure a lot of birthdays coming up in July. My brother, Bobby Ray Howard, has his on the Fourth of July and my grandson, Joseph Hatton, on the 9th and grandson Chris Hatton on the 11. My son, Astor “Red” Hatton’s, is on the 13th and my little granddaughter, Ellie Beth Mullins’s, is on the 17th. My granddaughter, Wendy Hatton Day, has a birthday on the 20th. She was my first grandchild. I was 39 years old then. Really.

Megan Carty of Jenkins, has a birthday on July 17 and her youngest son turned one year old on June 30. His name is Ethan. Your mom told on you.

Ada (Miller) King in Miamisburg, Ohio, thank you so much for the picture of your family. It brought back lots of memories. We were always real close friends. I was at your mom’s funeral about 14 years ago. That was when I saw you last. I always look up on the cemetery when I pass. I can see the row of your family’s graves.

I think my grandson, Chris Hatton, and his family are going on vacation to Myrtle Beach next weekend. I’ll miss hearing the kids in their swimming pool having so much fun.

I think I saw about everyone in Whitesburg at the First Baptist Church getting their Angel Food. That’s the only place I know of where you pay $30 for so much food someone has to carry it to your car. The volunteers are so helpful and friendly. I like to go just so I can see all the people.

Thank you, Fred Hall, for the little jobs you did for me. It probably didn’t seem much to you, but it sure meant a lot to me. They were things I needed done and couldn’t do myself.

I’ve never mentioned it before, but I love the articles Sally Barto writes. Now that girl can write! She’s a natural. She needs to give me some lessons. I guess she inherited her talent from her family. I think I got all my talking from my family. We never meet a stranger.

I’ve been missing my brother, Hubert Howard, and wife Joyce. They have been at the lake for a few days.

I hope everyone has been enjoying the summer so far. I think lots of folks are staying close to home because of the high gas prices. I know I have and I’ve also been getting some things done I have been letting go.

Clyde is doing about the same. He still has a swallowing problem with his food.

I hope the Fraziers had a good family reunion this past weekend. Shirley Breeding was looking forward to it.

The Hatton reunion will be on Aug. 30. That’s a ways off, but it gives people time to plan for it. There is always a good crowd there. It will be at the Cowan Community Center.

We haven’t made plans for our Howard reunion yet, but it’s usually in September. Our family likes to be here for Mountain Heritage so we plan it around that time and the weather is cooler then.

I haven’t been to the Ermine Center for a while and keep planning to go and don’t make it. Hello to all of you. I haven’t forgotten you and I do miss you.

May God bless all of you. Try to go to church somewhere this week if you are able. There may come a time when you aren’t able.

This news from the Ermine Senior Citizens Center:

“The Ermine senior citizens had a wonderful week last week.

“On June 24 we had 51 attend our center. We had visitors from Boone Fork Center. They were Joe Walker and Fred Young. We played bingo and Joe won. He sure is lucky. Fred sang us a beautiful song. We really enjoyed hearing him sing. Come back again, you guys.

“Debbie Slone and her workers decorated our center in red, white and blue. It sure was pretty. Tops weight watches meet at our center once a week and they left us a note saying how beautiful it looked and told Debbie what a great job she did decorating it. Thanks to all of you for letting us know you liked it.

“On June 25, we went to Boone Fork for the senior prom. There was a very large crowd there and everyone looked nice. Our king and queen from our center were Leroy Sexton and Ruby Caudill. Their center looked very nice; they did great decorating it. They had lots of good food and desserts. Thanks, Boone Fork, for the work you did.

“On Thursday, we had our potluck dinner and our Fourth of July all together. Ruby June Caudill has started coming to our center and we really enjoy having her. She was there for the potluck. We had lots of good food and desserts. We also gave away beautiful prizes donated by Golden Apple, Rita’s Cougar Den, Family Laundry, Little Caesar’s, Heavenly Touch, Messenger Florist, Whitesburg Florist, Hometown Florist, Everidge Funeral Home, P&T Nails, and The Way. Thanks to all of you. We really appreciated the gifts and your kindness to us.

“Eugene Slone and two helpers from the sheriff’s department came and showed us a movie about drugs and talked to us about them. We learned a lot of things from them. Thanks, Danny, for having Eugene take the time to come and talk to us.

“Our center is missing two of our senior citizens, Lennon Hammock and wife Yvonne. Lennon is in Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington. Hope he is doing better and our prayers are with both of them. Hope you will be back soon as we miss you both very much.

“If you are a senior citizen, come and join us as we have great times.

“God bless until next time.”

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