Whitesburg KY

Big raffle to feature UK basketball tickets

The Neon Lions Club met this week on February 5. It was a warm day, as the temperature jumped all the way up to 71 degrees. Lots of activity, ballgames at local schools, the upcoming University of Kentucky ballgame coming shortly tonight and the warm weather, made for a small crowd tonight.

However, we did have a decent number of members in attendance tonight, and the dinner was wonderful, as usual. On the menu laid out before us was chicken casserole, green beans, corn, and peas, as well as bread, drinks, and desserts.

The meeting was called to open promptly at 6 p.m., with a prayer and oath of allegiance to our flag , followed by a rush to the buffet table, which was enjoyed thoroughly. After the meal Lion Mark Wagner read the minutes of the last meeting

As the meeting progressed some members turned in money from the donations they had received from the University of Kentucky/ Arkansas tickets raffle. It was decided that the tickets would be drawn at our next meeting on February 19, one week before the game, which will be played on the 26th at Rupp Arena in Lexington.

The Lions hope to be at the last two LCCHS ballgames, being Thursday night of this week and Tuesday night of next week. However, if you wish to purchase tickets for this drawing, you may also contact a Lions Club member at any time prior to Tuesday, February 26.

The Neon Lions Club wish to take this time to thank all those who have supported our efforts in our two yearly fundraisers each year. Our next fundraiser will take place in the fall, and between now and then, the Neon Lions Club will continue to be available with helping those that are eligible for glasses, if needed.

As always, we are the Neon Lions Club, and we serve.

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