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Big turnout for Howard family reunion


The late Bill Howard and Willard Maggard were photographed at a long ago church dinner at Cowan Church.

The late Bill Howard and Willard Maggard were photographed at a long ago church dinner at Cowan Church.

Hello everyone, hope you are all doing well.

You probably didn’t notice I didn’t write anything last week. I was too busy having fun.

We had a great revival at our church at the next day was our Howard family reunion. All my sons were there and my son Rob spent four days with me. Astor and his wife Rosemary had to leave the day after because of work.

We had planned to have it on Pine Mountain at James Pennington’s place, but it was raining and we couldn’t have it there. We were so pleased we got to have it at Sandlick Fire Department and it went really well. We really had a big turnout. We appreciate them for letting us have it there. They were so nice to us.

I enjoyed getting a call from my old Marlowe friend Bertha (Page) Dye. I’m glad they don’t forget us when they move away. She and some of her family went to Pigeon Forge and had a great time, but when she got home she got sick. She still wasn’t feeling real well when she called me. I hope she’s feeling better now.

I talked to Dorthy Tacket. She’s always doing something with her family and enjoying herself.

My sister Louise Shepherd is visiting our sister Judy Greene in Tennessee for a few days and they are enjoying getting out and going. Louise loves that. I’m a homebody myself and don’t like to go much.

It was good getting a call from Delmas Sexton the other day. He was visiting his sister Maggie Cook. I’m not sure where he’s living now. He’s been gone a long time. He lived here a long time ago. He has never forgotten us. He gets the Eagle and keeps up with all of us.

It was good talking to my friend Anna Watkins in Florida. I even got to say hello to her daughter Janie. She still sounded like the little girl I knew a long time ago.

We were glad to have Alma and Lester Tindle at our church and Bro. David Miller was real pleased to see them. He had met them many times at Pine Mountain Grill.

Billy Ray Franks has been in Whitesburg Hospital. I hope he’s better and out by now.

It was good talking to Shirley Cook, but I hated to hear her husband Daniel Cook was having pain in his legs and back. I hope he is doing better. They are good friends of mine. I think everyone loves them.

I met Eileen Noble in the courthouse where she works. She was in my son Astor’s class in high school. She said tell him hello, so hello, Astor (“Red” as everyone called him. I don’t think he liked his name.)

Pam Walker, I sure enjoyed the pawpaws you gave me. They were so good! Thank you again.

My cousin Imogene Adkins gave me the best compliment I’ve ever had in my life and it’s certainly not how I look. She knows what it was. She called me and told me. Thank you, Jean, it meant a lot to me.

My daughter-in-law Sandra Hatton cooked a super nice dinner for all my four sons and their wives and me.

Last Thursday, Kevin Day and Wendy and Larry Kevin had a surprise birthday dinner for Larry Hatton at the Mexican restaurant and all of his family, wife Linda and son Chris Hatton and his wife Sara and Beau, Brooke and Gracie and myself were there. We surely enjoyed that.

Friday, I had dinner with my son Billy Hatton and wife Sandra at Subway restaurant and we enjoyed that.

Oh, where will I eat today? I may have to cook if I can remember how.

I appreciate a friend sending me this news:

“Ky Laurate Rho Sorority met Sept. 4 at the home of Shannon Mullins . Twenty members were served a delicious meal on the patio. Jolinda Wright, president, passed out yearbooks and agenda for the year. They have one business and one social meeting a month. On Sept. 23, 16 members went to the J. W. Adams School in Pound, Va., to see a Barter Theatre play, “Wash, Rinse and Spin Dry”. Sept. 24, 12 members had lunch at the Extension offi ce, soup beans with all the trimmings, a Homemakers fundraiser for ovarian cancer screening. A month of fellowship and good food!”

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church somewhere if you are able.

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