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Bill Gibson always said what he thought


My sympathy to the family of Bill Gibson of Isom. He died Jan. 22 at Hazard Hospital. Bill turned 106 on Jan. 18. He lived a long life and he was very outspoken. If he had something to say to you or about you, he would just come right out and say it. He will be missed.

I talked to Ruby Caudill of Carcassonne on Friday. She said she was going to have another stent put in her heart; she has five. They were going to do tests on her legs. They think she has a blockage in them. She looked good and said she was feeling okay. It was nice to talk to her. I hadn’t seen her in awhile.

Bill Johnson is doing some better. He is still in a hospital in Lexington, but he still has a ways to go to get completely better.

Frances Whitaker of Carcassonne is still not doing too well. She is In Holston Valley Hospital and they last I heard she is supposed to have reconstructive surgery on her face this week. She is being fed with a feeding tube and still hasn’t woken up completely. She and her husband Stewart were cutting a tree off of their fence and the tree hit her. I wish her the best.

Edward Smith of Carcassonne had to be taken to the hospital on Friday. His blood pressure was up and he was put in on Saturday and is not doing too well.

Happy birthday to Joshua Evans of Whitesburg. It’s on Jan. 30. He is the son of Tony and Kathy Evans of Lexington.

My sympathy to the family of Paul Gregory “P.G.” Back of London. He died on Jan. 22. He had cancer and had been sick for awhile. He was in Florida for treatment when he died. He was the son of Dorse and Sal Back of London, formerly of Letcher County. He had a younger brother, Keith.

Happy birthday to Tiffany Hatton of Blackey. She turned 17 on Feb. 2.

Happy birthday to Cyndi Hall Heldt of London. It was on Jan. 21. She is the daughter of Danny and Von Hall of Blackey.

Ethan Brown and Crystal Frazier came in from Middlesboro over the weekend and they brought their baby Gage Owen over. He is a month old now and he is so precious I didn’t want them to take him away. They went back on Saturday evening.

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