Whitesburg KY

Bill Johnson home after being released from hospital


There was a mistake in my column. Rosetta Back and her husband Tabby live in Eolia, not Tennessee. They spent last week at Myrtle Beach for a golfing trip.

Bill Johnson of Woodrock is finally home from the hospital. He was in one in Lexington and then Pikeville. He had been in the hospital since the day before Thanksgiving of last year. The family is so glad to have him home; it’s been a long time.

Happy birthday to Riley McKinney of Elk Creek. It was on Feb. 18.

Jo Morrison of Carcassonne had to be taken to Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital last week where she had to spend the night. She was having chest pains. I called and talked to her Saturday evening and she said she was feeling better but she has to go back to the doctor because they are not sure yet what the problem is.

Happy birthday to Tessie Johnson of Carbon Glow. It was Feb. 21 and Tessie turned 72. I hope she had a great birthday.

Congratulations to Holly Whitaker of Carcassonne. She placed in social studies in regional competition and will be going for the state tournament next month in Louisville. She is the daughter of Stevie and Michelle Caudill.

Happy birthday to Tori Reid of Lexington. She was 2 on Feb. 21. She is the daughter of Jarrod and Lindsey Hampton Reid, and the granddaughter of Jeff and Kay Hampton of London.

Happy birthday to Vicky Laynett Collier of Premium, formerly of Blackey. It was on Feb. 22. Vicki Campbell of Letcher had a birthday on Feb. 23.

I got an update on Frances Whitaker of Carcassonne. As you know, she had a tree hit her awhile back and had to be flown to Tennessee. She is in Bristol and they said she is now able to speak a few words. I wish her the best. She has been through a lot and has a ways to go for a full recovery.

My grandson Kaleb Miller had to be taken to the ER Saturday night. He had been coughing so badly he was vomiting. The doctor said he had RSV and later on would need to see an ear, nose and throat specialist. I sure hope he feels better soon.

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