Whitesburg KY

Bill targets high truckers

State Rep. Leslie Combs has followed through with her promise to introduce legislation that would make it tougher for truck drivers to continue working after they’ve failed a drug test.

Combs, a Pikeville Democrat who represents most of Letcher County in the House of Representatives, is the primary sponsor of House Bill 563, which would require an employer to notify the Transpor- tation Cabinet within five days of receiving notice of a positive drug or alcohol test on a commercial driver’s license holder.

Combs also wants the state to set up a computer data base to keep track of truckers who fail drug and alcohol tests.

Combs introduced the bill in the House on Feb. 19. It is now before the House Transportation Committee.

The bill would also:

• amend KRS 281.190 to require the Transportation Cabinet to suspend the commercial driving privileges of a CDL holder whose positive test is reported to it and,

• mandate that the suspension shall remain in effect until the person completes the assessment and treatment required under federal regulation and pays the reinstatement fee and any other fees required under KRS 281.150.

The bill is designed “to cut down on these drivers who test positive and immediately go to another company and get another job,” Combs told The Mountain Eagle earlier this month. “Drivers who flunk drug tests are now able to shop company to company (and) their records are not following them.”

Combs said she was asked to file the bill by owners of trucking companies located in the areas of Pike, Letcher and Harlan counties which make up the 94th Legislative District.

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