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Birds need food during dry weather

Families and friends Northeast Ohio

A very good morning to each and every one and hope all had a peaceful and restful night and wishing all a happy and healthful day.

Here in Lorain we are having a day of hide and seek between the clouds and sunshine, really hoping the clouds will win and bring us some much needed rain. We have had a bit here and there but not enough. We take what we get and should be thankful for every drop.

Red is having a pretty bad day (too many) and I have felt better but have decided to not complain too much as I’m sure no one wants to listen. Oh well, will all be better by and by.

Just talked to Jeanie. She had company so conversation was brief. Daughter-inlaw, Mary, and grandsons, Carson and Cameron were there, which is always a treat for Jeanie, Phil and Christy.

We’ve gotten calls from Charles, Carleta and Lena, calls which are always welcome. We’ve also gotten calls from the families around here and last night had a delightful phone visit from a downhome girl, Susie who now lives in Arizona. Looking forward to another gabfest. Also got a call from dear friend Clara Pfister in Michigan.

Drove Red to a gas station so he could pump gas, something I haven’t done in years. Billy Wayne ran a station and Red and I would work for him. Now with these newfangled pumps I’m out of touch. I can remember when I got my first car with automatic windows and such. Bill had bought a new ‘79 and for some reason it wasn’t exactly what he wanted so I gave him an older car I had and took over payments.

First time I stopped for gas didn’t know how to roll down window to tell attendant how much I wanted, so had to open the door. Soon as I got home, made sure Red explained a few things for me.

Boy did I ever feel dumb (frankly, I was).

Anyway, what I was really getting around to saying was, before we got home from getting gas, it started sprinkling and we did get a good but short shower. Still a bit cloudy looking so maybe there will be more in the forecast.

Talked to Georgia this morning, said she and Richard might stop for a visit this evening and I’m sure Ms. Catharine will be by. Haven’t seen her since Monday but talked to her last night. She was sick Wednesday and had to see the doctor. I surely hope she is much better today since she was scheduled to work.

Had a whole flock of birds giving me “what for” this afternoon. Since everything is so dry and brown I guess there isn’t a lot to feed on. I’ve been putting out food every day but today had no leftovers or old bread for them.

After Red and I got back from getting gas, we took our coffee and sat on the patio. You should have seen the birds and heard the chattering. There were rows on the fence, hear them walking on patio roof, on the porch and so many on the Rose of Sharon and even the crepe myrtle and so many checking out the ground.

I guess I’m going to have to invest in some day-old baked goods.

We also have squirrels and two small rabbits that sneak under the fence. I would hate to lose my feathered and furry friends just because I have no food for them.

Well Sunday will be another special day for me, my first communion. I’m just hoping and praying Red will be feeling well enough to go with me.

Catharine just came in so I had better finish this pronto. See you next week, same time, same place. Love and prayers to all.

Emma Lou Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, OH 44055, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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