Whitesburg KY
Mostly cloudy
Mostly cloudy

Birds say spring is near

Bach Court

I’ve noticed that the Easter flowers are trying to bloom, and are as pretty as ever. Lots of the trees have buds poking their heads out. I love spring. You can hear the birds singing.

The past few days have been nice, but a little cool. I have the say the frost we had Monday morning looked like a snow. It was really cool.

Congratulations to Cody and Gabbie Baker!

Lyda Hall and myself went for a walk up in Westwood Monday evening. I know one thing, being a couch potato will make a person fat and you can’t breathe when you’re trying to walk.

Congratulations to Saraha Maggard and her newborn baby. I can’t wait to see it. Wow.

Whitesburg First Baptist Church will be doing its Easter cantata soon. I’m not sure about the exact date since I’ve been sick for a month and missed out on all the fun.

I’ll sure be glad when this flu and cold season is gone and quits making everyone sick.

Until next week, God bless everyone!

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