Whitesburg KY

Birthday boy had to check for shadow

Northeast Ohio

Howdy all, the sun is shining here today and I’m getting better, not up to par yet but I’ll get there. Hope everyone is staying warm and well. Wouldn’t want anyone to feel as bad as I have this year.

Red and I treated Bill and Redia to dinner at Golden Corral last week to celebrate their birthdays. His was Tuesday and hers Wednesday. It was the first time I had been out so much and soon as we got home I had to go down for a nap.

I talked to Georgia. She had spent eight hours at the hospital having all kinds of tests. She had a really bad sinus infection and her potassium was low, so she is now taking it easy for a few days. Seems like anyone you talk to is sick, been sick or some of their family is sick. As cold as it has been, germs should be frozen out.

Red called Chester and Jettie and both of them had been sick. I want to wish Chester a very happy birthday on February 2. Nope he ain’t no groundhog, but when we were young and growing up in the mountains of Letcher County we would send him outside to see if he could see his shadow. Happy birthday, Chester.

I finally stitched some on a quilt, the first time since

DIRECTV before the holidays. Just couldn’t seem to take an interest in any of my favorite pastimes like embroidery, quilting or reading.

Did you see the picture of

that handsome Engle in The

Eagle? He’s almost as handsome as his big brother Red. I’m sure Delores will disagree and that’s OK. Anyway, happy birthday, Charles, and I do hope your party is an enjoyable one.

Red and I have been looking through my issues of the “Letcher County Ancestor Pictorials” from the Letcher County Historical Society. So interesting! I have had these since they were published and go through them from time to time and each time I do I find some pictures I had missed. So many I know and have known and so very many who are no longer with us.

I talked to Sarah Belle and Henry Warren and both were OK. I tried to call Anna Lea but she must be out and about gadding around. Jeanie had dialysis so I wouldn’t bother her, but I do hope she and her family and Ron and Johnell are all well. I have talked about as much as I can at one time, kind of lose my voice after awhile.

Charles called Red. Nina’s grandson, James Wesley Muncy. died in Pikeville Hospital. He was in his mid 30s. We’d like to send our deepest sympathy with love and prayers to Nina and all the family.

Want to send love, prayers and get well wishes to a dear friend in Columbus, Ind. Joyce “Gaynell” Adkins just had surgery for breast cancer. I’m sure everything will go well for her, she has such a deep and abiding faith and a positive outlook on life, which is so remarkable. She lost two husbands to cancer. I admire and applaud her and wish her the best now and always.

Just heard the weather news and wow! We are looking for a heat wave tomorrow, yeah! Supposed to be a high of 40 degrees.

I have really missed writing letters to my friends (I do like to write letters) and now that my brain is starting to sort of get back to normal I will start writing again.

Did you watch the inauguration? We saw part of it, mostly the swearing-in of both the president and the vice president, but anytime the news was on we saw more and as each and every newscaster pointed out over and over, it was and is an historical occasion.

Getting a wee bit weary, so time to say so long till next week. Stay well, stay warm and have a good week.

Emma Engle, 4801 Clifton Ave., Lorain, Ohio 44055, (440) 233-7548, emmalouengle@yahoo.com.

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