Whitesburg KY

Bitter persimmon made her pucker up

Big Cowan

I enjoy reading all the columns in the paper. Last week I enjoyed Rose Ballard’s. She was talking about rabbit tobacco, birch, beechnut trees and artichokes. These brought back a lot of memories. I enjoyed those as a kid.

I also like papaws, and we had a persimmon tree I really liked until I got hold of a bitter one — it made me pucker for a week. My neighbor and friend, Judy Fields, brought me some papaws just recently, and I really enjoyed them.

Rose, I wanted to tell you that I used to go to the Letcher County Days when I lived in Indiana. It was held at Tommy Day’s at an inn for a few years. I had fun and enjoyed the fellowship.

Oma Hatton, I am Irene (Fields) Day’s niece. My mother was Mary Fields, they called her ‘Blind Mary’ and my dad was Jasper Fields.

My brother, Archie, is older and my sister, Kathy Wolfe, is younger. We will get together sometimes and have coffee.

Thanks for your column. I enjoy it.

Loreva Fields’s greatgrandson had surgery on his brain. He is 13 years old. Keep him in your prayers, as well as Sonia Fields, who had surgery recently. She is married to Levene Fields.

I saw Teresa and Charles Sturgill’s new granddaughter, Macy. She is a doll. She has red hair, so look out for a temper when she is older. Ha ha!

Belated happy birthday to Mary Ann Maggard, who celebrated on Sept. 13. I hope you had good health on that day. You’re still in my prayers.

Allyssa Nicely turned three years old on Sept. 17, which I have put in the paper already, but she is having some serious medical problems at this time. She needs to be in our prayers.

Our church had services Friday night at the home of Pauline Bates. About 20 people were there, and we had a real good service with Thelma Bates, Charles Day and Joann Fields doing the special singing. We were led in prayer by Leroy Fields and Johnny Collier was preaching. The service was mainly for the Polly family, who have not been able to attend church very much lately. But God is working.

Also, services at the nursing home on Saturday night were a real good service, then our homecoming was on Sunday with dinner and games following. All seemed to enjoy it.

Several people have been sick with sinuses and allergies. Also, a stomach virus, which includes me. My pastor says that my husband is feeding his old mare (me) too much bad hay. Maybe it’s time to switch to beans and cornbread and fried potatoes. Then I would get better.

I hope everyone has a good week and enjoys the Mountain Heritage Festival. Be good to each other and attend the church of your choice.

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