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Black bear enjoys dogwood berries

Hello everyone — I hope you are enjoying the first week of autumn. It’s still hot but cooler days are coming sometime. I am excited for the Mountain Heritage Festival activities going on this week. It’ll be fun to be able to participate the whole week.

We have a dogwood tree behind the house and the tree has big red berries all over it. Mike noticed that there were broken limbs in the tree and there were squashed berries all over the ground. We weren’t certain what caused this as the limbs weren’t strong enough for a bear to climb. Mike cut out the broken limbs and branches. He decided it was probably a bear standing under the tree reaching for berries and breaking the limbs. It happened when we weren’t home so we didn’t hear any noise. We suspect it was a bear and this will be one of our bear stories.

John and Faye Campbell saw a momma bear and three cubs crossing the road near Dry Fork. Mike and John saw a cuddly looking bear when they went to Linefork. There are bears around. Mike and I see a lot of deer.

John and Faye drove to Berea one day. They ate lunch with John’s daughter, Janis, and grandson Tucker. Then they went to Faye’s daughter’s house. Gretta came back with John and Faye to visit for a few days.

One afternoon during the week, Mike and I were invited on a pontoon ride. We went with John, Faye, Gretta Newsom, and Mark Miles. The pontoon belongs to Mark, Faye’s son. It was so nice being on Carr Creek Lake. Feeling a lake breeze is so relaxing. After boating, Mike and I drove through the campground. That is a nice campground and we hope to camp there this fall.

Anna Bledsoe of Berea came in to visit her grandpa, John Campbell. She spent the night with us. Anna was named after me as Ann is my middle name. I’m proud of that and I’m proud of Anna.

We play a lot of cards with John and Faye, and we always talk about getting a card shuffler. While walking through Ollie’s in Wise, Va., Mike and I found an automatic card shuffler and bought it. Mike, Faye and I thought it was fun to use. When I was using it, I didn’t pick up all the cards and I started to deal. John caught my error, which was funny to me. I did a lot of laughing over this operator error on an automatic card shuffler.


Since we’ve moved to Kentucky, I have noticed that I do a lot of laughing. Laughing was something I missed when living in Wyoming. While in Wyoming, I met a woman who had moved to Utah from Hawaii. We were talking one day and she said it took a while but she finally realized what she missed about Hawaii, and that was laughing. All of her family was in Hawaii and she didn’t have anyone to laugh with. When she said that, I realized that was what I missed. Being happy is laughing with family.

If you look around you can find interesting people and things. Mike and I were eating at a local fast-food restaurant and there was a man sitting at a table. His tray was empty so he had finished eating. I glanced around the restaurant and noticed that he was asleep. People were talking and noise was being made and he didn’t wake up. He was still asleep when we left and I was hoping he wasn’t late getting back to work. Definitely interesting.

Debbie Vice of Flemingsburg, Molly Vice of Nashville, Tenn., and Ellen White of West Liberty have been visiting Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. The photos they have posted on Facebook show them having a wonderful time. They are enjoying all of the history of New England.

Georgia Phillips passed away this week. She had been a resident of Letcher Nursing Home. Her husband, Bobby Phillips, preceded her in death. At this time I do not know any of the arrangements.

I did see on Facebook that there will be a pop-up Holiday Shop in the old Pine Mountain Outfitters store. It should open this week. It’s being sponsored by Pine Mountain Grill, Southern Bliss, and Dream Home Furnishings. I’m looking forward to visiting the store.

The Social Media quote of the week is: “Don’t ever save anything for a special occasion as being alive is the special occasion.”

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Enjoy the rest of September.

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