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Black bears visit Cowan

Hello everyone. There are so many weather issues going on with the flooding in Arkansas, tornados in Ohio, and strong winds we had in Kentucky. It’s been rather scary.

There was a tornado in Celina, Ohio, which is where my brother and I went to high school. One person died when the tornado tossed a car into his house. He was 81 years old. People I know had damage but weren’t injured. Celina is about five miles from where Mike is from and they didn’t have any damage.

The tornados in the Dayton, Ohio area caused a lot of destruction. One son works at the Frito-Lay distribution center in Dayton and it was destroyed. Greg received a call from the warehouse manager about 5 or 5:30 Tuesday morning, May 28. He was told there were trucks and chips all over the place. Greg was there by 6 o’clock and stayed until nearly midnight. He spent some time yelling at looters to leave. On Wednesday, they were able to get the trucks upright. Everything that could be moved was taken to an empty Pepsi building. Greg said there was a convoy of twelve broken trucks going there and the one he was driving didn’t have any windows. They did get a generator for power in that building. He now has to get all of those trucks running. They are making progress with the cleanup in Dayton and Celina.

Another son works at the south end of Dayton and they didn’t have any damage. He just ran into a lot of blocked roads because of power lines and downed trees. There was a tornado that destroyed a grocery store about five miles from his house, but they were fine.

The other son took pictures of the Frito-Lay trucks. He works for Frito- Lay at a different location.

I’m thankful that the sons are fine and there wasn’t a fatality in Dayton. The oldest son keeps texting that he can’t believe everyone survived due to all of the destruction.

The fatality in Prestonsburg from the storms made me realize that you never know what is going to happen. Never forget to let people know you care.

Mike and I went to eat at Pine Mountain Grill on Thursday as we like the turkey and dressing special. When we getting ready to leave, Mike asked if I had any money because he left his wallet. I said I had a card. While we were in line, I went to get my wallet out and realized I left it at home also. I did have the checkbook with me. My cousin, Tami Campbell, got in line to pay then. We talked and I told her about Mike and I leaving our wallets at home. The lady at the register said I could write a check but she needed a driver’s license, which I didn’t have with me. I said “Tami’s got one.” Tami gave her driver’s license, I gave the check and we paid for our meals. It was funny. I’m glad Tami was there. Where would we be without family?

Several years ago, I bought Mike a target bear, which is used for archery practice. We keep it on the hillside behind the clothesline and it’s kind of cute. One morning as we were leaving, I noticed it didn’t look right. Mike went over there and the head had been knocked off. Luckily the head goes on easily. We don’t know what happened but I had a theory. I think a bear came along and thought it was another bear and hit it. The dogs used to bark at that bear until they discovered it wasn’t real. Real bears have been in the area and maybe they couldn’t tell what it was.

On Friday morning I noticed that the bear was knocked over again. This time there was some trash around that bear. I do believe there’s a real bear in the area.

Evelyn Fields-Cosgriff saw a bobcat last Thursday. It was walking up her driveway as if it lived there.

Last Wednesday night, my aunt and uncle, Ramona and Bob Caudill, had a bear get in their garbage. Then early Friday morning, they heard noises and discovered that the back porch screen had been torn. There were some jars overturned also. Apparently a bear was trying to get into the refrigerator on the back porch. When daylight came, they saw the bear paw prints and decided it was a medium size bear. The bear paw prints were all over the refrigerator door.

Last year, they had a bear get on the porch and open the refrigerator. The large bear did this several times. I told Ramona the bears know she’s a good cook.

Our neighbor had a bear get in her garbage early Friday morning. She saw the bear on her carport and said it was medium sized. It was probably the same one that had been at Bob and Ramona’s.

On Sunday a big bear was seen on Little Cowan. I think my brother’s dogs keep the bears out of our yards. The dogs do spend a lot of time barking at something.

Congratulations to all of the graduates from kindergarten to eighth grade to high school seniors to college. You did a good job.

I just found out that a former coworker at the Job Corps in Wyoming passed away. He had moved back to California about two years ago. He was in his early 30s and died of natural causes. Life is fragile.

Social Media Quote of the Week: Another day is a blessing; don’t take it for granted.

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