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Black snakes been seen in cemetery

Hello everyone, I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Patsy Adams and Angel Adams went to the Hop Gibson Cemetery on Saturday, May 25, to deliver flowers and they saw two very large black snakes. One was on the trellis as you come into the cemetery and one was in a tree. From the pictures that I saw, the snakes looked to be six to seven feet long. I will admit when we had Sunday service at the cemetery, I did look for snakes.

Little Cowan Primitive Baptist Church held its Sunday service at the Hop Gibson Cemetery on Sunday, May 26. It was a wonderful church service with John Banks as the pastor. After service we had dinner at the church. There were a lot of people at church and at the dinner. A lot of people come in to visit for Memorial Day.

My sister, Susan Ware of Lexington, came in for the weekend. It was good spending time with her. When she left on Monday, our sister-in-law Faye Campbell rode with Susie to Berea. Faye went to spend a few days with her daughter, Gretta Newsom, and family in Berea.

There were a lot of family members and friends in for the weekend. Debbie and Jeff VIce, Thelma and Glennon Ison of Flemingsburg; Regina Stivers, Susan Ware, Susan Stamper and Joe Stamper of Lexington; Janis, Mike, Anna, Myles, Addison, and Tucker Marr of Berea; Tori, Rusty, Callie, and Ella Akers of Morristown, Tenn.; Sherrie, Robert, Brad and Joseph Brown of Jonesborough, Tenn.; Linda Lucas, Candi Leach, and Michelle of Kingsport, Tenn.; and Holly Holbrook of Columbus, Ind., came in. If I left someone off the list, please let me know. They all attended church and the dinner. Also attending church and the dinner were: Randy Brown, Anna and Duane Yonts, Doris Banks, John Campbell, Carol Caudill, Charlie and Glennis Little, Martha and Mike Wenning, John and Barbara Banks and grandsons, Bob and Ramona Caudill, Zelma Lou Banks, Linda Brown, Angel Adams and family, Patsy Adams, Harold Day, Pam Brashears, Michael Campbell, Donna Johnson, Carolyn Johnson and Kenny Harvey. It was a great service and dinner.

Several daughters of the late Nelson and Phoebe Fields and their families got together over the weekend. They had a dinner at the home of Ella and Mark Caudill. The sisters attending were Evelyn Cosgriff, Juanita Caudill, Janet Napier, Libby Honeycutt, and Helen Roberts. There were at least 25 family members there.

Marilyn Banks of Edinburgh, Ind., was in a few weeks ago to visit her family. I didn’t know she was in so she didn’t make the Cowan News. She had a good time on her visit.

Tori Akers chaperoned her daughter Ella’s eighth grade trip to New York City. They had a great time. Ella’s school had the trip scheduled out so they were always on the go. Tori is the daughter of John and Barbara Banks of Cowan.

It was good to get the rain that we did get over the weekend. We have been watering everything daily since we aren’t getting rain. It doesn’t take long to do the garden but the flowers are everywhere in the yard and there are young trees. I was getting so hot when watering that Mike took over that job.

I’m blaming the heat on some of the things that I do. On Saturday evening, I decided to drive the sideby side with Mike and John riding along. The side-byside was already parked at John’s house and it was easy to just get into. As I backed up I heard a crunch and bang, I had backed into one of John’s trees. The tree was moved and bark was scraped off. Apparently I put a dent in the side-by-side but I can’t tell. I was not happy over this and neither were Mike and John. On Sunday morning, I watered that tree real well and then put dirt around it. I sure hope it lives through the trauma. I may just continue walking instead of driving the side-by-side.

We drove to Cumberland on Monday evening, May 20, and came back across the Little Shepherd Trail. We didn’t see any bears but there was a rabbit.

Our son, Brad, had a birthday on Tuesday, May 28. Having your children get older shows you how fast time really goes. Happy birthday, Brad.

There will be a UNITE meeting on June 4 at 5:30 p.m. It will be held at the health department. If you can attend, please do.

Bennett Welch sent me an old Mountain Eagle article about a month ago. It mentioned my great-grandfather Hop Gibson. Getting the article to print has been real rough. The Mountain Eagle office suggested that Bennett type it out. The article is finally being put in the Cowan News.

H. L. Donovan , 1941- 1956

Dr. Herman Lee Donovan, President of the University of Kentucky, and Mr. William C. Johnstone, Field Agent in Agrimony, will be the main speakers at the fifth annual Farmers Round-up which will be held Sunday, May 7, beginning at 10 a.m. on J.H. Gibson’s farm on Little Cowan Creek. In addition to holding an important position at the University, Dr. Donovan has a farm in Madison County and Mr. Johnstone has one in Fayette County. Letcher County is honored to have these distinguished men appear on the program and many people will come to hear them. Some points of interest to farmers that will be seen on Mr. Gibson’s place are as follows: One of the best fields of alfalfa and orchard grass in the County, mountain pastures of blue grass sod and clover, field of wheat, Balbo rye and vetch, sweet clover, chestnut tree that bore chestnuts last year, a good home orchard, a good home, a lovely hemlock hedge, and many other things of interest to farmers. The public is invited to attend this meeting. Bring your families and a basket of dinner. Lunch will be served on the ground the old-fashioned way. The committee that was elected last year to be in charge of this year’s meeting consisted of: Dr. B. F. Wright, W. B. Hunsucker, J. S. Holbrook and the County Agent, Hugh Hurst.

(The above article from the May 27, 1944 Mountain Eagle)

The June birthdays that I have are:

June 1 – Stella Sigrest Barnett; June 2 – Charlene Tacket Mason; June 7 – Carla Smith; June 9 – Melinda Lucas; June 11 – Jill Kent; June 12 – Nanetta Dingus; June 18 – Beth Hawk; Jim Yonts; June 22 – Charlie Little; June 24 – Brandon Garrett; June 25 – Ella Caudill, Ed Pitts; June 28 – Skylar Mefford; June 30 – Janis Campbell Marr, Kristi White.

The social media quote of the week is: A person who feels appreciated will always do more than is expected.

Please send news to CowanNews@aol.com. Have a good week as we move into June.

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