Whitesburg KY

Blackberry cobbler

It used to be a custom in our part of the country to have workings to help out neighbors with farm work. If somebody had a large field of corn to hoe or a field of hay to mow, all the neighbors would gather in to help for a day. All In Fun

Usually the person being helped would furnish a good meal for everyone when dinnertime came.

One of the women in the neighborhood made a really good blackberry cobbler. She just didn’t make a lot of it. She would fix all the beans, potatoes and meat that anybody could hold, but just enough blackberry cobbler for one small helping each.

One summer her husband had a working to help him get his corn plowed out and laid by for the summer. My Uncle Lishe was called on to help out.

He finally agreed to help out even though his heart wasn’t in it. A full day of plowing and hoeing corn was a lot of work. All morning long as he hoed corn he thought about that blackberry cobbler and how he could get more than his fair share of it.

Just before dinner he caught a big June bug and flipped it on the head to stun the bug. He put it in his picket and waited for the dinner bell to ring. At dinnertime the bell was rung and everybody hurried in to wash up and get started on the meal.

Uncle Lishe quickly finished up his beans and potatoes so he could get to the berry cobbler. As he dipped out his share of the cobbler he slipped the June bug down into the bowl.

As he started to put the bowl back on the table, he acted like he had just found the bug in the cobbler. He dipped the bug out and sat it on the table beside his plate. He said, “It must have fell in the bucket while you were picking the berries, but one little old bug won’t hurt a thing.”

That day, he had all the blackberry cobbler he could eat.

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