Whitesburg KY

‘Blackberry winter’ slows fishing here

Gabby’s fishing fever

The cold rain and falling temperatures that appeared last weekend have slowed everything down on the area’s lakes. I was getting ready to do some fishing, but now I have to wait for better weather.

I think we’ve been going through “blackberry winter,” but as soon as the weather warms back up for a few days, things should get back to normal. I have seen some real nice pictures of bass, crappie and catfish that were caught in the days leading up to the bad weather.

Anytime you get a sudden drop in the temperatures and get cold, windy rain you have a cold front situation. This makes for very tough fishing. You have to slow way down and fish smaller baits on lighter line and tackle. And you will need to fish heavy deeper cover. This is a lesson to many anglers in a finesse style of fishing.

Lighter line in the 6- to 8-test pound test range is normally used. Try to target deeper cover and fish tight and slow to this heavier cover. Smaller, more natural-colored baits are best fished with very little action.

All this can be slow fishing, but soon the warm weather will pick back up and good fishing will return.

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