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Blackberry winter still to come

This clipping from an old Mountain Eagle newspaper shows Walker Tackett, Edd Tackett, Marshel Tacket, and Hubert Tackett.

This clipping from an old Mountain Eagle newspaper shows Walker Tackett, Edd Tackett, Marshel Tacket, and Hubert Tackett.

Well, I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful weather. The beautiful flowers in everyone’s landscaping put me in such a good mood.

Our hostas had a really hard time this spring because of all the frost and freezing weather after they had come up. Now, they are finally starting to look like they might just make it.

I love seeing all the vegetable gardens, too. We have ours well under way and even have Turkey Craw beans about four or five inches high already. Mommy says she hopes we don’t get another frost. I guess blackberry winter is still hanging over us.

I remember as a child always having to work in a garden during the summer. Daddy would get us up at the crack of dawn to get the garden work done before the sun came out and it got too hot.

Not only did we tend the land next to our house, we also rented a big spot of land at the head of Cane Hollow for a few summers. I remember Daddy bragging on me for working so hard in the garden pulling weeds.

Wendy Madden-Rutherford is pictured with her husband, Gary Rutherford.

Wendy Madden-Rutherford is pictured with her husband, Gary Rutherford.

I regret not raising a big garden when our daughter was growing up. Our property is too shady and so there’s nowhere for a good vegetable garden, but we could have easily helped Mommy and Daddy with theirs. We seem to be doing a better job with our grandkids than we did with our daughter though.

Another major job Daddy had us do was tear down a house that Mommy and Daddy had bought beside our house. They rented it out as it was for five years.


Then we tore it down (that was the hardest physical work we had ever done), and built another one. I remember many times when Daddy would give some of us the job of pulling the nails out of some of the lumber that was salvageable.

We had the frame up and some of the outside walls of the new house. When he was on the inside of the walls he couldn’t see what we were doing and we would make all kinds of noise on the boards to make him think we were trying really hard to pull out those nails.

When I think back on this, it probably would have been a lot easier on us to just went ahead and pulled the nails out as to pretend we were actually doing it.

Along that same line, I found this piece on Facebook written by Wendy Madden

Rutherford. I worked with her at Martha Jane Potter before she became principal at Letcher Elementary School. She gave me permission to print this in our column.

“ From being a small child, I can remember being taught by my parents and grandparents about the importance of a good work ethic, integrity and character. I was also taught that your actions speak louder than words.

“I believe both to be true and live by that today. If you’re going to proclaim Christ as your Savior then live like He is. In Matthew 23, Jesus tells the crowds and His disciples to do what the Pharisees and the scribes teach them to do, but do not do as they do, for they do not practice what they teach.

“In other words, the leaders talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk. In Matthew 5, it talks about a city on a hill which cannot be hid.

“Likewise, you cannot hide when you do things contrary to God’s word if you claim to be a Christian. The most basic reason is the integrity of our faith; we are the body of Christ for the world.

“I fail in my Christian walk daily, but I try my best to do what God expects of me and ask for His mercy and forgiveness daily where I fall short. Christians are not perfect people, but we should strive daily to be like Jesus.

“We can extend the love of Jesus to everyone around us by working hard, loving others, being kind and humble and serving instead of taking from others.

“Shout it from the mountaintops, but if you don’t live what you preach, you do more harm than good for the Lord.”

“I really believe we are failing our young people by not teaching them these work ethics and also by not teaching them they should have that Christ-like compassion for their fellowman.”

Okay, now for a little news from the Letcher County Senior Citizens. Don’t forget the Senior Games are coming up next Thursday, May 31, at the Sportsplex in Knott County.

The seniors at the rec center have been practicing for the last two weeks for the events that will take place there. Also, this coming Friday, the 25th, the Senior Citizens from Whitesburg, Blackey, Jenkins, and Hemphill will get together at Hemphill Community Center for their annual gathering. I think this is in the old Hemphill Grade School building.

Please remember to pray for my sister-in-law, Lindy Mullins Yonts, and all her family. I know it had to be hard getting through this first Mother’s Day without Jane.

My pastor, Bill Jones, and his wife Sandy desire your prayers for God’s comfort in their lives. Then there’s all the others who have recently lost loved ones that desperately need our prayers.

Oma Hatton would never go without begging everyone to be in church somewhere Sunday, and I say if your church has services throughout the week or on Sunday evening, God would want you there then, too.

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