Whitesburg KY


Old-time singing will be held at Frog Pond

My sympathy to the family of Jordan Sexton of Whitesburg. He died in a motorcycle accident on May 20. A lot of his family live on Elk Creek. Jordan was 20.

Danny and Von Hall of Blackey, left May 19 for a vacation. They spent the night in Tennessee then went on to Arkansas. They were going to the Ozarks.

My cousin, Eric Back, had to be taken to Lexington May 15. He had such a bad infection they had to clean his blood three times. They also found a blood clot in his leg so they had to give him blood thinners for that.

Dorse and Brandie Back went down to see him and they ran into Lee Hatton’s daughter, Rhonda. She said Lee was in because he had cancer and was not doing well.

Eric is now back at the nursing home. His oldest daughter, Tiffany, graduated from the eighth grade last week. They both were disappointed Eric couldn’t be there.

My sympathy to the family of Mabel Bates Back of Lexington, formerly of Blackey. She died May 20. Mabel was 91 and was married to the late Clyde Back.

The kickoff of the Seedtime on the Cumberland Festival will be held on Wednesday, June 6, at 7 p.m. at the Old Indian Bottom Church building on Hwy. 7 South at the Frog Pond at Blackey. Please bring a covered dish to share. Everyone is welcome for old-time singing and shouting on the hill. You can call (606) 632-3777 or (606) 633- 2571 for more information.

On Saturday, my sister, Debbie; our mom, Jean, and I went to Abingdon, Va., to go through the flea markets there. We are tired of the ones around here. It was a nice ride over there; we came back that evening.

Happy birthday to my mom. It was on May 28.

Happy birthday to Justin (Crash) Caudill of Jeremiah. It was on May 23.

There will be a five-family yard sale at the home of Greg and Glenna Pridemore at Isom on Friday, June 1, and Saturday, June 2. It will start at 9 a.m. It’s on Hwy. 15 just above Isom. For more information, you can call 633-4154 after 5 p.m.

Stella Dixon of Blackey had to spend a few days in the Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital. She was having problems with some of her medicine and her blood pressure was up.

Pat Fields wrote me and wanted everyone to wish Faye Arnold a happy birthday. Her birthday was on May 25. Her son, Kevin’s, birthday was on May 29. They both live on Elk Creek.

I ran into Doreen Calahan and she wanted me to put in about a yard sale she and her daughter, Regina, are having on Friday, June 1, and Saturday, June 2, in front of their homes on Hwy. 7 just below Letcher School. She said they had brought a lot of stuff from Tennessee to sell. She said it will start early.

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