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Carl and Avis Fields celebrate 78th birthdays

Most all my news this week is birthdays, so happy birthday to Carl and Avis Fields of Whitco. Carl turned 78 on June 4 and Avis also turned 78 on June 6. Their grandson, Brandon Boggs, is a friend of my daughter, Jennifer.

Rita Gilley of Letcher, has been having problems with her foot and at times can hardly walk on it. She was supposed to have surgery but it had to be canceled for now. Her father, Junior Adams of Thornton, was in the hospital at Pikeville with pneumonia but is doing better now. He turned 68 on June 12.

Our family has a lot of birthdays in June. Happy birthday to Mary Sue Pinyerd of Jeremiah. It was on June 19. Mary Ann Morgan of Isom, has one on June 20. Jamie Johnson of Millstone, also has one on the 20th, and mine and those of Raymond Nichols of Doty Creek, and Craig Frazier of Kansas City, Mo., are all on June 28. Craig is coming in the first of July for a family gettogether at 4-Star village at Redfox.

Happy birthday to Hanna Rebecca Maggard of Richmond. She will be two on June 30. She is the daughter of Jeremy and Stephanie Maggard.

Late happy birthday to Leslie Gibson of Jeremiah. It was on June 1.

My cousin, Eric Back, had to be taken to Lexington. His catheter got stopped up and he has to go there to have it taken care. I went and visited with him at the nursing home and he was feeling good. His daughter, Cassie, turns nine on June 25, so happy birthday to her.

Johnathon Morton wrecked his four-wheeler below the Carcassonne Community Center and had to be flown out because of damage to his leg. He was leaving the Jent reunion and lost control of it. I wish him the best.

Happy birthday to Ruby Caudill of Carcassonne. She turned 90 on June 13. At the Caudill reunion on June 23, they are going to have a celebration for Ruby at the Carcassonne Community Center.

My sister, Debbie, and our parents, P-nut and Jean, and I went to their cabin over here on the mountain and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows. We had a good time just sitting around and talking till way up in the night.

Ray Dean Adams of Blackey, has to have surgery this week to have a toe removed. He has been having a lot of problems with his diabetes.

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