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Blackey area loses two good neighbors

Before we know it July 4 will be here, and it just doesn’t seem possible that July could be here so soon.

The humid, hot days we had last week brought in evening thunderstorms, and some were pretty severe.

The Blackey area lost two good neighbors last week. Louise Dixon of Elk Creek died, and our sympathy goes out to her family. She was always a very friendly lady, and we’ve missed her since she had been sick. She and Mae Fugate were always together at local churches, but lately we’ve visited her at Letcher Manor, and she always would have a smile for you.

Stella Dixon died after being in poor health for awhile. Our thoughts also go out to her family.

We saw Courtney Adams sitting on his porch at Black Bottom, so he must be doing better. Some of his family were there with him and Laura Mae.

Former Black Bottom residents Guy and Patsy Parks were here from Louisville last week. Patsy was doing a wedding cake for David Adams and his fiancée’s wedding. She and Guy stayed with Alan and Reva Adams one night, and at Dorton the next night with Patsy’s brother.

Alan and Reva’s son, David, and his wife, were married at McDowell, where she is from.

Alan’s mother, Mildred, isn’t well, but she stays about the same at the Knott County Nursing Home.

We had a funeral at the Blair Branch Church last week. It was Bob Adam, of Isom, who used to work at the fruit market that Jr. Adams had above the mouth of Blair Branch. He had had cancer for awhile, and had recently become a resident at Letcher Manor before his death.

We’re glad that Rodney Ison got a good report at his recent doctor’s visit, and hope that he continues to do so. This week his hip has bothered him some, but I’m sure that’s from working a little too hard.

Vince and Juanita Adams McCarey have been staying a few days at their home at Sycamore. Their daughter and son-in-law from Michigan, brought them up from Somerset, and while they were here they visited with Ivan and Freda Adams of Isom.

Johnny Holbrook said his garden at Isom is doing real well, and he was giving some cabbage away due to having so much coming in at one time.

We went to the Tolson Creek Church last Sunday, and after a good service they had dinner for everyone. It was their union meeting.

I have recently been doing some folk art, painting on old pieces of the Sycamore School’s coal house, and thought that maybe some former students may want to buy these as a remembrance of their school days. I’ve done them in red, white and blue, and they are $5 each. Give me a call if you would like to have one.

I’ll close on a sad note; we learned at Tolson Church that Billie Lois Baker had died, but we hadn’t heard funeral arrangements at that time.

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