Whitesburg KY

Blackey Day 2016 is the biggest, best


Blackey Day 2016 is over for another year, and I heard from many people who said it was the biggest and best festival we have ever had.

The weather was great, just a little sprinkle Saturday morning, but it didn’t seem to bother anyone.

The Improvement Committee Blackey Day Festival really had to work hard this year to make Blackey Day happen, but it all turned out well and we had a great festival.


We have a lot of people whom we need to thank for their generous donations: MCHC CEO Mike Caudill; the candidates Scott Halle, Jimmy Craft, Darrell Hall, Frankie Justice, Renee Campbell and Angie Hatton. We thank State Rep. Leslie Combs and James Lundy Adams, son of the late Dr. Lundy Adams, who sent us a generous donation in memory of his mother, Mary Ann Adams, whom everyone knew and loved in the Blackey area.

We need to thank all the merchants who donated to our silent auction and the outof town people who sent donations, and whoever else made donations. This auction is what we rely on to help with the 2017 Blackey Festival.

Thanks to all the people who drove a far distance to come to Blackey Day. I talked to people from Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Alabama, Tennessee, West Virginia, Virginia, Florida, Maryland, Puerto Rico and North Carolina and from all over Kentucky.

Luther Adams came from Morehead to give Girl Scout cookies to the veterans. Jamie Hall, thank you for putting our festival on the Government Channel, and The Mountain Eagle, News Press, WXKG the Bull Dog, and Shirley Sexton’s Round Table, and WMMT.

Thanks to Paul from Calvary and Kentucky Red for the announcing. Violet Watts, you did an awesome job again with the music.

The booths were great and we thank you all for coming and setting up at Blackey Day. The craft booths were outstanding, and the food was great.

Malcomb Wilson, thank you for bringing your photography class. They were everywhere. I can’t wait to see the paper. If I have missed mentioning someone, I am sorry.

Blackey Day Festival will be the second Friday and Saturday in October, 2017.

We, the committee, try to make it better every year, so if you have miss it, you have missed a treat, but you can always plan to come next year on Oct. 12 and 13.

I want to thank God for all the good things in life. See you next year.

The members of the Blackey Improvement Committee are Loy Caudill, Chairman, Brenda Caudill, Jerry and Vonda Caudill, Paula Pratt, Violet Watts, Jim and Susan Flynn, Betty Hatton, Joann Walters, Tammy Whitaker, Paul from Calvary, Artie Shepherd, Carol Brown, Randy “Bub” and Mary Gail Adams, Malcomb and Jennifer Wilson, Daisy and Courtney Jackson, April Stevens, and Doris Adams.

Thank you all so much.

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