Whitesburg KY

Blackey Day is Saturday, Oct. 10


First, I want to remind everyone about Blackey Day. It’s this Saturday, Oct. 10. Everyone come and enjoy.

I have a lot of birthdays this time so happy birthday to Michelle Slone of Letcher. It was on Oct. 2. Heather Hatton of Isom had one on Oct. 3. Ethan Brown of Jeremiah has one on Oct. 10. Tracy Gayle Dixon Blair of Whitesburg had one on the 5th. Sambo Jones of Letcher had one Oct. 4. Hailey Hall was 11 on Oct. 6 and her grandmother Von Hall of Blackey had one the same day. Leslie Galeghar of London has one on Oct. 16. She is the daughter of Jeff and Kay Hampton. Oakley Fugate will be 16 on Oct. 15. He is the son of Robbie Fugate of Carcassonne and Jodi Johnson of Carbon Glow. Connie Lee Cornett of Blackey had one Oct. 6.

Raymond Jent of Elk Creek had to have a procedure to clear three blockages he had in his leg. It was below his knee. They are hoping he will get to come home in a few days.

Virgil Combs of Carcassonne had to be put in the hospital. He was having trouble breathing from his black lung. His wife Freda said he was doing better. He got to come home on Friday.

There was a baby shower held on Saturday for their daughter Sara Porter. She lives in Catlettsburg and is having a girl.

Jordan Caudill of Premium had to have some outpatient surgery. He was OK the next day but in some pain. He is the son of Hiram and Jo Caudill.

I got an email from Betty Pugh Allen. She said she was born and reared in Blackey and she is the granddaughter of Sam Back and daughter of Irene Back, now Irene Barnes. She said she left Kentucky in 1968 and now lives in Indianapolis. She said she missed Blackey and kept up with it through the Blackey news so I just wanted to let her know I appreciate her and write what I can, but it’s hard to get enough news sometimes to make a column.

Congratulations to Michelle and Jai Miller of Blackey on the birth of their son. Camden Jai Miller was born on Oct. 2. He weighed 8 pounds, 12 ounces. His grandparents are Fred Dixon and the late Lenore Dixon and Billie Miller, all of Blackey. Camden has a older sister, Kylie.

Happy birthday to Zachary Back. He will be 15 on Oct. 21. He is the son of Jessica Bolling of Knott County and my cousin, the late Eric Back of Elk Creek.

Happy birthday to sweet little girls Kameran and Kaydance Tourangeau of Lincoln Park, Mich. They will be 2 on Oct. 12. They are the daughters of Jessica Sparks and their grandfather is the late Jeff Sparks of Knott County.

Mark Kincaid is still in Cardinal Hill in Lexington but is improving every day. He is now able to say a few words and has even gained a little weight. The family thanks everyone for their prayers.

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