Whitesburg KY

Blackey Day was a winner

Blackey Day 2010 is just a memory now, but I believe the Blackey Improvement Committee is well pleased with how it turned out. It was a winner.

They worked hard to try to have something for everyone of all ages. The inflatables, the train, and the face-painting and hair art were all well received by the children, and I have had many people tell me that the music was the best ever, and I agree.

We have so many people to thank. First we need to thank God for the perfect weather in the 70s, and the abundant sunshine.

We want to thank the vendors who brought their booths to Blackey Day. We had a nice variety of items to choose from. Their handmade items were all beautiful.

And what can I say? The food booths were the best. I ate something from all of them, and they were all good. We thank you all.

We thank the Mt. Olivet Regular Baptist Church for the use of their chairs. We thank Judge Jim Ward and Gerald Baker, Coroner Spanky Bolling, Magistrate Keith Adams, PVA Randy Hall, John Short, Randy Blair, and Jim Hubbard. All made donations for our Blackey Day celebration. And thanks to all the people who donated for the silent auction. It was very successful.

We had many people who came home to Blackey and Letcher County for our festival. Some came down for the first time, and they were impressed and said they would be back next year.

Dean Cornett made the statement that Blackey Day was so good you left feeling a glow, and that is good.

Mike Dunn of Indiana, said we should have it twice a year, and there are many more who felt good about it and look forward to next year, and we are thankful.

John Back, you did a fantastic job, but you always do. If I’ve left anyone out, I’m sorry, it’s not on purpose.

Everyone on the committee had a job to do, and they did it well, working with each other and all were willing to help in any way they could, and that’s what makes a successful project, and it showed.

We thank Rick Hall and the Channel 98 Government Channel for the good job they did.

Thanks to the committee: Loye Caudill, Joe and Kathy Back, Jerry and Vonda Caudill, Tony and Mary Carolyn Blair, Kenny and Wanda Whitehead, Betty Hatton, Joann Walters, Nannie Rogers, Mary and Jim Flynn, Carol Brown, Violet Watts, Lynette Collier, Amber Back and Doris Adams.

If anyone wants to join our committee and work for Blackey Day 2011, you will be welcome.

Thanks to everyone, and God bless and keep you safe.

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