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Blackey Day was great success

Blackey Day is history for another year, Oct. 10, and we felt it was a great success. The weather was cool and cloudy, but the friendly handshakes, hugs and smiles from family and friends who had not seen each other in awhile, maybe years, made it seem warm outside.

There were people who traveled far distances. I talked to people from West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, and from all over Kentucky, and they all came home for Blackey Day. I think that was pretty great.

Something I thought was real special was that the Letcher High School Class of 1964 had 12 former students present at Blackey Day, and they took pictures. Those present were Mary Lou Hogg Back, Loye Caudill, Carolyn Blair, Mike Dunn, Joe Arnold Back, Nancy Ann Back, Ellis Morris, Betty Carol Portwood Blair, Ted Bates, Yvonne Fugate Hall, Larrie L. Caudill and Lois Caudill Smith. I’m sure there were probably more present, and if I miss anyone, I don’t intend to.

Friends Martha and Christine had not seen each other since the ’70s but had kept in touch. They met up again at Blackey Day, along with other friends and classmates, Mary Susan, Mary Carolyn, Coletta, and I don’t know how many more.

Everywhere you looked and went you saw old friends and family talking, laughing and having a good time, and maybe planning for next year.

I saw so many of my own family and friends. I had my nephews and nieces and my precious granddaughter Cassie got to come.

Deronda and Ameshia from Virginia and other outof town visitors I saw and talked to, and there were many I did not know and didn’t get to speak to.

Anita Mitchell (I don’t know her married name), Betty Mitchell Whitaker, Richard Cornett, Jim Cornett, Mike Dunn, Martha Wilson (who doesn’t get to come to Letcher County often), Richard Campbell, Duck and Mary’s son from Frankfort, formerly of Blackey, Betty Back, Eva and Marion Back’s daughter, Brenda Miller Frances of West Virginia, formerly of Woodrock, Dean Back and wife of Indiana, formerly of Jeremiah, were there. Dean is the son of Dawson and Virgie Back. Robert Williams, Jeffrey Walters, and Tedra Asher of Tennessee, formerly of Letcher, also attended.

I know I’m leaving out a lot and I’m sorry.

The Blackey Improvement Committee did a great job. They all worked really hard, bringing this all together.

I did not work as hard this year, as everyone else did, but I promise to do better next year.

Violet Watts did an outstanding job with the entertainment. The talent we have in eastern Kentucky is unbelievable, and she picked the best of the best.

Everyone on the committee did a good job, Lowe and Brenda Caudill, Joe and Kathy Back, Amber and Erica, Mary and Jim Flynn, Violet Watts, Carol Brown, Joann Walters, Nannie Rogers, Mae Williams, Eddie Caudill, and I don’t know how many more.

And John Back, you did a great job.

To the Blackey Committee, thank you all for a wonderful Saturday.

There are many people we need to thank for making this event a success, all the craft vendors, the food vendors who were wonderful. At one time or another, Ray and I ate at all of them and the coffee at the senior building was wonderful.

The inflatables were a success, and we thank you.

We hope that next year will be even bigger and better than this year. It would be a shame to let something this successful fall by the wayside. But we will need new people interested in this event to keep it going. If you are interested in getting involved in this committee, our next meeting will be Jan. 19 at 6 p.m. at the Blackey Library. Come join us.

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