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Blackey Day will be bigger, better

The Blackey Improvement Committee met Tuesday, April 20, at the Blackey Library. There were only a few members present, and we had quite a few projects to discuss.

Our Chairman, Loye Caudill, tries real hard to keep the Blackey Improvement Committee going. It has been active since the 1960s.

I was told the late Joe Begley started this committee so it is important to keep it going. We need all the members to attend the meetings, and to try and get new members to be involved.

We had a wonderful Blackey Day last year, and we want this year to be even bigger and better.

Violet Watts and others are already working hard on the entertainment. We have such a vast amount of wonderful musicians in eastern Kentucky. Letcher County is blessed with so many talented people, so I’m sure the entertainment this year will be outstanding.

Kathy Back and others are already collecting items for the silent auction, which was such fun last year. And I am in charge of scheduling the food and craft booths.

So if anyone is interested in having a booth for Blackey Day, call me at 606-632-3777 and we will set you up.

We really do need new members who are interested and dedicated enough to want to make Blackey Day a success. You don’t have to live in Blackey, just be willing to be involved.

Blackey Day is so important to our little community it is almost like a family reunion or a homecoming. People from all over the country have ties to Letcher Co. and Blackey.

Last year we had people from seven states and all over Kentucky who came to Blackey Days. It’s a few months away until Oct. 16, so you have plenty of time to plan on coming to the mountains.

It will be worth your time to bring your family and friends and come ‘home’ to the mountains and visit with family and friends in Letcher Co., and attend Blackey Day on Oct. 16.

Our next Blackey Improvement Committee meeting will be Tuesday, May 18 at 6 p.m., at the Blackey Library. Please try to attend.

For more information, call Loye Caudill, 606-633- 4029, or Doris Adams, 606- 632-3777.

Thank you, and God bless.

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