Whitesburg KY

Blackey Days Celebration scheduled for October 10

First, I want to apologize for not writing about our Blackey Day Celebration, which will be held Oct. 10, for awhile.

I had a family crisis and I haven’t had a mind to write, but thank God things are improving and my son is learning to walk again with physical therapy.

The Blackey Improvement Committee is working really hard to make this event a success, so people locally and from away want to come home for Blackey Days.

It is amazing how many people who still live away still refer to Blackey as ‘home.’

My friend and relative and I were talking on the phone about being from Blackey, and she said, “You ask me where I live and I will tell you Williamsburg, Ohio, for 40-plus years. You ask me where my home is and I will tell you Blackey, Ky.”

It doesn’t matter how many years you live away, your heart still tells you where home is, and your memories.

I talk to a lot of people who grew up here and moved away for whatever reason, and almost everyone has special memories of growing up in Letcher County and the Blackey area. It was hard because the Appalachian area of eastern Kentucky is a rugged place to live. But it is also the most beautiful place you could ever want to be. The Blackey area of Letcher County is just a good place to be.

We still have openings for food booths and vendors at the upcoming Blackey Day Celebration, and we need volunteers to help in the food booths.

We have an awesome music line-up with a schedule later on, and the Blackey Missionary Baptist Church will kick all of this off with a big country breakfast, starting at 8 a.m. If you haven’t had a big country breakfast in awhile, it’s worth driving a long way for.

I encourage you to make plans to come to Blackey on Oct. 10. Bring friends and family and come to Blackey.

We still need stuff for the silent auction. If anyone has something they would like to donate, call Doris Caudill-Adams, 632-3777; Loye Caudill, 633-4029; or Joe and Kathy Back, 633- 4138.

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