Whitesburg KY

Blackey Days marks its 50th anniversary

Southern Ohio

The bands at Blackey Days were great as usual. It was wonderful to get to hear Sunrise Ridge with my cousin Jack Adams, and so good to get to talk to Jack and Jeff for a little bit.

Jack, I apologize again for not remembering as I would have loved to slipped into the Appalshop to surprise you.

Will Caudill, I am sorry I never got over to speak to you, but if you noticed I only danced a couple of times. What I’m saying is that I’m getting too old.

Thanks for the recognition. A couple of women started dancing, and if I knew it would have been my last dance, I would have gone left this world with a smile on my face.

I would like to say a few words about Blackey Days. This I believe was the fourth time for me to attend. I had heard of this for years. I really didn’t grow up in Blackey, but I spent a lot of time in Woodrock with my grandmother, Betty Barton. I am so sorry I didn’t start attending this event many years ago.

Thanks so much to every one for all the work that goes into this event. This was the 50th year.

Violet Watts and Carol Brown, you have really made me feel welcome each time that I have been there. Carol, thanks for the 1950’s CD of rock and roll.

I neglected to say earlier in my column that Mike and Marcia Caudill live in such a beautiful setting. Oh, I think if I lived there I would never go out into the real world. The surroundings are so quiet and the house is so beautiful, yet you can feel the warmth in it, and I don’t mean by heat.

I wish I was the type of person that would be comfortable to just take people up on their offer to be a guest in someone’s home as I sure would have stayed a week, maybe two or three, at this gorgeous place. I’d rather go to the motel as I am weird I guess. I am very restless at night.

My niece Sue wanted me to stay with her and Mart, and she has a beautiful place. I declined that and thought I was going to get what for.

I also want to acknowledge a very special guy who stole my heart, Bryce Caudill. I’m sure that a lot of you who read my column don’t know this special man. Each time I looked at Bryce I could see a resemblance to my brother Wallace Lee Hall, and when Bryce smiles, his whole face lights up.

He is the happiest person I have ever met in my life. Yes I was very pleased to meet him.

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