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Blackey man ‘went berserk’ when asked about comments; is still in custody, sheriff says

A Blackey man was arrested last week after someone called the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department with concerns about some comments the man had written on a social media website.

When two deputies went to Mark Hogg’s home on December 18 to ask him about the posts on Facebook, Hogg gave police consent to search for harmful devices and guns but then lunged at Sheriff ’s Lt. Brian Damron, according to an arrest citation.

“He went berserk on them and moved toward the police,” said Letcher County Sheriff Danny Webb. “He took a swing at the policeman.”

Hogg, 41, of 13428 Highway 588, was charged with menacing and third-degree assault. No charges have been filed in connection with the comments Hogg posted on Facebook.

The Facebook comments were in reference to the recent mass shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut and the shooting earlier this summer at a Colorado movie theater.

Hogg, who lives near the Blackey Head Start, referenced “his hatred of children and also that he would have his day at the movie theaters,” according to the citation.

“I’ve got to take it seriously,” said Webb. “I’m not about to not take action and something go wrong and a kid get killed. Some of these people are giving warning signs that people aren’t doing anything about.”

Webb said he is going to check out any complaints he receives about people making threats or posting statements similar to what Hogg left on Facebook.

“He wasn’t making direct threats,” said Webb. “He was just talking. I thought he may be a danger to himself and others.”

After being arrested and taken to the Letcher County Jail, Hogg was transported to a psychiatric center for evaluation.

“We’re trying to figure out what to do to help him,” said Webb.

After Hogg was taken into custody, he told police he hadn’t been taking his medications and needed assistance in taking it, the citation said.

Webb taught Hogg several years ago at Southeast Community and Technical College in Whitesburg and remembered him for being a smart student.

“He is super intelligent,” said Webb.

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