Whitesburg KY

Blackey seniors attend health fair

We are still here and doing very well at the Blackey Senior Citizens Center, where we are keeping busy.

We have taken several trips. The last one was to Pikeville, where we had a very good time and ate at Bob Evans.

We had the craft show and ribbon winning with lots of nice things. We always have a crowd for our potluck dinners.

We have had some people sick, and some in the hospital — Coleman Caudill, James and Nina Mae Caudill, Anna Wright. I pray all will be back soon everyday.

Martha Jane and Joan recently decorated for Halloween. We attended the Health Fair Oct. 13 at the Hazard college. We have several who walk here everyday and make five or six trips around the loop, equal to two miles.

We miss Vickie Collins, but our new site manager, Rhonda Wright, is very nice and we like her very much. We have been getting some new members.

The people who play Rook get started early in the morning on arrival. The news in The Mountain

is discussed, and so are the other events. Always someone has something funny to say. We always get a good laugh.

Of course, there’s always coff ee, and we have good lunches. We usually have about 20 to 24 who eat with us every day.

God bless everyone.

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