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Blackey seniors enjoy potlucks

It’s been a while since I reported on our Blackey Senior Center. We have been busy doing things. We have good fellowship and enjoy each day; it seems like a family.

We have taken several trips to Wise, Va. We went to the flea market and ate dinner. We have gone to Hazard shopping and to Whitesburg. We ate out each time and simply were tired out.

We hosted a potluck dinner for our Ermine Center friends, and enjoyed their company. We in turn went to their center and had a very good time. The food was very good.

We also had the Kingscreek Center for a potluck. We visited their nice center and felt so much at home. Again, the food was very good.

The third Wednesday in each month we have our Blackey potluck dinner.

We have lost our friend and worker, Frances Smith, and we miss her. We would love to see her come back.

We have one worker, Rose, who has been sick. She is such a sweet person. You become so attached to these people. As I said, it’s like family. It’s hard to replace people like this.

Some new girls have been coming to help out. They also are fine. God gives us health and humbles our hearts to love and appreciate people.

If you need information about our center, call (606) 633-0906.

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