Whitesburg KY

Blackey seniors enjoy trip to Pikeville

The Blackey Senior Citizens Center reports good attendance on new members.

To begin my report, I would like to comment on our staff. We love them, Vickie Collins, the head of our center, Frances Smith, Rose Tyree, Theresa Profitt. We have a young lady who has been working, Michelle Cornett. She is such a good worker, and friendly and lovable.

We have gone on a trip to Pikeville, and shopped at all of the stores. We had a joyful time, and as we were feeling young at heart that day, we had lunch at McDonald’s. We stopped at a big yard sale and found some very nice bargains.

We took a trip to Boonefork Center, where a lot were dressed for Old Fashion Day. They had a lot of good music.

We have good music at our center, too. There is one person who sings gospel, James Caudill. We most all love to hear him sing. He’s an Old Regular Baptist preacher.

We have around 30 attending on most days, sometimes 38. We have had five new members.

We continue to have our potluck each month. Most of the time you can’t taste it all, because there is so much and different kinds of everything.

We took a food box to Whitesburg for one of our members, Claudia Banks. She had been with her brother to Washington, D.C. to see her sister.

Our Linda Jones is doing much better. Prayer sure works. Thank you, Lord. He is so good to all of us, to keep us going and keeping us safe.

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